Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

‘One community learning together in harmony, living like Christ.’

Mission Statement

​St John Vianney is a Catholic community where everyone shows respect, forgives others, values honesty and grows through learning as we strive every day to do our best.

School Aims

  • Be centred on the person of Jesus.
  • Deepen understanding of Catholic/Christian values that will allow pupils to become caring, just, well-balanced individuals.
  • Provide opportunities that will develop the links between school, home and parish.
  • Provide high-quality educational programs that will meet the spiritual, academic and physical needs of each child.
  • Encourage excellence in all curriculum areas so that all children have the opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Provide experiences that promote high self-esteem, respect, and dignity among pupils, especially about being at St John Vianney.
  • Celebrate with children their life experiences so they learn for life and love to learn.
  • Support families in their efforts to educate their children to cope with the demands of a rapidly changing world.