At St John Vianney School we strive to promote self-discipline, desirable behavior and Christian attitudes and values. We place emphasis on the pastoral nature of Christian discipline and the dignity of the individual child. We endeavor to enable the pupils to grow in Christianity and become caring, just, well-balanced individuals.

Wellbeing is the concept that underpins pastoral care. St John Vianney is focused on the wellbeing of the whole school community. We are conscious of the need to promote healthy wellbeing in all areas of the human person. Mental health is of paramount importance.

We recognise the flow-on effects of mental wellbeing to academic achievement and whole-of-life satisfaction. We follow a positive behaviour approach incorporating the Making Jesus Real program. Within this framework the students are explicitly taught positive behaviours for learning (PBL).

Our three whole school expectations are Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect the Environment. All expected behaviours fall under these rules and students are explicitly taught what those behaviours look like in each school setting.

Where a need for specific assistance is identified, St John Vianney offers the services of a school counsellor. Our school counsellor is here one day a week and works in close consultation with the Learning Support Team. When a student is identified as requiring emotional, social or learning assistance our school counsellor may be used to support that student.

The staff at St John Vianney School have a commitment to the total development of each pupil in promoting mature growth. All staff are involved with the pastoral care of each student by assisting them to develop their capacity for self-worth. Teachers are also committed to aiding students to become self-directing; to know how to act or not act in light of personal and social goals.

Through our Pastoral Care and Discipline Policy we aim to:

  • Develop confident children with high self-esteem, respect and a sense of dignity
  • Provide character-building experiences that create a spirit of worth among pupils
  • Obtain desirable behaviourand attitudes of the children
  • Support students to observe school rules
  • Employ a system of rewards and consequences to achieve a safe and happy environment
  • Cater for the needs of each student
  • Develop self-disciplinein class and on the playground
  • Inform parents of discipline strategies and encourage their support.

Buddy Program

When students enroll at St John Vianney in Kindergarten, they are supported in their transition by a buddy allocated to them from the following Year 5 class. These buddies meet each other in the last term of the pre-school year to help the new Kinders learn the routines of the school and settle into the life of a “big schooler”. This means new Kinders also have a familiar face to see at school when they start and helps transition them to school life.  

Beginning Event

Community days are essential for providing students with a sense of belonging, which is so important in building personal wellbeing. At the beginning of each new year, every member of our school community, including all families and parish members, are invited to the annual St John Vianney Beginning Event. It is a time for families and the parish community to gather together, welcome new families and induct new school leaders.

School awards

The children are constantly being recognised, by all staff, for displaying good behavior. Children are rewarded publicly at our school assemblies once a fortnight.

Student programs

Children who are recognised as needing extra support for their wellbeing are given the opportunity to be involved in a number programs provided at lunchtime and during class time. These are co-ordinated by the learning support teacher and the assistants.