Religious Education

We are a Catholic school and we teach the Catholic faith. All students are provided with knowledge about the Catholic Church, its traditions and practices.

Faith formation at St John Vianney, Morisset aims to work with families to foster the internal love of God that is present and at work in children’s hearts. We see the grace of God at work in our students through their enquiring minds, awe of creation and their exploring imaginations.

At St John Vianney we believe formation should be characterised by strong partnerships between parents, teachers and students and with the local church and wider community. As a school we aim to be Christ-centred and support students on their path towards faith and life. We nurture and enrich the religious and spiritual development through prayer, celebration of the liturgy and sacraments, social justice and faith formation.

We were founded by the Sisters of St Joseph and the Josephite tradition lives on in our school. The Josephites began their work through the efforts of Mary MacKillop and were motivated to serve God and the poor in their community. Their approach to ministry and to working for justice is founded on images of God’s love and compassion. At St John Vianney we continue to carry out the Josephite mission to help those in need.

We focus on educating children to live their lives centred on Jesus’s mission and building a strong and supportive community. Through Making Jesus Real we identity how Jesus helped others and in turn how we can be like him today. At St John Vianney we encourage students to always do their best and to show the spirit of Jesus in everything they do. We value our Patron Saint, St John Vianney, a man who drew people back to God and a Christian way of living. He had struggles but always persevered and looked ahead.

Religious Education is taught for 30 minutes per day in each classroom. Throughout the year students learn about Jesus through the scriptures, the history of the church, justice, morality and how we celebrate as a community through sacrament and prayer.