Our Staff

All St John Vianney staff are fully qualified, dedicated and highly committed. There are 14 teaching staff and 13 support staff at the school.

St John Vianney is very well resourced in terms of equipment and support personnel.

A special education adviser and a registered psychologist are available to assist the school in assessing and addressing individual student needs. 

The leadership team is responsible for setting and achieving the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan.

A list of staff follows:

School Executive

Principal:    Mrs Freda Pascoe

Assistant Principal:   Mrs Christine Hibbard

Religious Education Coordinator:   Mrs Emma Walsh


Teaching Staff

Kinder:   Mrs Nicky Brogan

Year 1:    Mrs Rebecca Mitchell

Year 2:   Mrs Christine Hibbard & Ms Chloe Ryan

Year 3:   Miss Natalie Day

Year 4:   Mrs  Emma Walsh & Mrs Lisa Mace

Year 5:   Mrs Kate Dyson

Year 6:   Mrs Veronica Salafia

Aboriginal Education Teacher:  Mrs Jenny Merrick

Creative Arts/RFF teacher:   TBC

EALD( Other Languages) Teacher:   Mrs Dionne Mitchell

Gifted Education Mentor:   Mrs Emma Walsh

Learning Support Teacher:   Mrs Mary Elliott & Ms Isabel Wallace

Pedagogical Mentor:   Mrs Christine Hibbard

Teacher Librarian:   Mrs Kasey Gibbs


Support Staff

Administrators:   Mrs Julia Stephens & Ms Hayley Chappell

Cleaner:   Mrs Michelle Stewart

Handyman:   Mr Garry Salafia

Learning Support Assistants:   Mrs Dianne Rees, Mrs Monica Zammit, Mrs Rachel Pether, Mrs Renee Murray, Mrs Fiona Mulrooney, Mrs Elke Hoube

Library Assistant:   Mrs Margaux Winever

Pastoral Care Worker:   Mrs Renee Murray

Aboriginal Education Support:    Mrs Renee Murray

School Councillor:   Ms Cherie Martin